Queen of the desert facial serum

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I have seriously dry skin, that's really prone to irritation, and as a result, most of the skin things I make are for dry, easily irritated skin. I've been playing around with pomegranate and prickly pear seed oils, and have been loving how they absorb so easily and make my skin feel less irritated over time. So I made myself a serum. And its my new favourite thing: deeply moisturising, with rosehip seed, olive squalane, sea buckthorn oil, raspberry seed oil, prickly pear seed and pomagranate seed oils. Luxurious and effective: a few drops go a long way. 

Comes in a 1/2 oz glass bottle with a pump top. 

On a clean face, spritz with a lovely hydrosol (I'm a huge fan of Marble & Milkweed's facial spritzes, and my all time favourite rose hydrosol is Leslie's at Wildroot Botanicals), then when the face is still moist massage in a few drops of this serum. If you need to, later, you can follow with a night cream or sunscreen, depending on time of day. 

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