Orange blossom + Elderflower facial balm

Orange blossom + Elderflower facial balm
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Spring in a jar!

A brightening, gloriously spring-scented facial balm, to rejuvenate tired skin and deeply moisturise. Containing organic oils infused with wildcrafted elderflowers and orange blossoms, then scented with neroli, cardamom and elderflower absolutes. It also contains coenzyme Q10- a potent antioxidant that's naturally produced by the human body (though it naturally declines as we age). It helps to protect our skin from the oxidizing effects of UV radiation*. 

Contains: neroli absolute, elderflower essential oil, cardamom essential oil, organic red raspberry seed oil, organic jojoba oil,  organic baobab oil, organic borage seed oil, organic olive squalene, elderflowers, co-enzyme Q10, local beeswax. 


*note: it is not a sunscreen, but does help the skin to combat the damage inflicted by the sun. 

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