Heal Thy Salve

Heal Thy Salve

A general healing salve that's great to have on hand or in your purse. Used for skin disorders (itching, rashes, dermatitis, dry skin), sunburn, bug bites, chapped lips, cuts and sores. Works like absolute magic on cracked, painful feet. 

Contains a mixture of calendula, comfrey and plantain, and scented with lavender and geranium.  

Calendula: Heals all manner of cuts and scratches, while disinfecting. 

Plantain: Similar to calendula, with the added benefit of drawing out poisons, which makes it great for bug bites. 

Comfrey: Heals skin over in record time.


Things people have reported on using Heal Thy Salve for: 


Shaving rash

Bad bruising



Spider bites

Diaper rash

Torn up hands from weight lifting

Cracked heels



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